Tree Champions

At our tree planting festivals Treefest we recruit tree planting volunteers aptly named Tree Champions to help us plant a lot of trees in a little time.

In exchange for a free ticket to the Treefest festival and celebration, Tree Champions learn in depth the skills of tree planting a large amount of trees, the expertise of after care and develop lasting bonds within a support network of fellow tree huggin’, planters.

Thank you to everyone who joined us as a Tree Champion at Treefest 2020 – you are inspirational!

This year our heroic group of Tree Champions helped new planters plant their first trees, shared their energy, good humour, worked hard and celebrated very well indeed. Together we planted 6000 native species trees!

Here is what the landholder from the Treefest 2020 site had to say;

 ‘Thank you so much for achieving what you did for us. It is an amazing thing to see that so much can be achieved by people having a great time. I hope our paths cross soon.  There is so much happening around ecological and environmental issues and the world is changing very rapidly.  You are inspirational.’
– Martyn Bragg, Shillingford Organics, Ide Devon

Becoming a Tree Champion at a Treefest event is a great opportunity for experienced tree planters to share their knowledge and for other tree lovin’ folk to skill up and meet like-minded people.

If you’d like to volunteer at the next Treefest event as a Tree Champion please keep an eye out for information on our facebook page or sign up to our mailing list.