We plant trees because we love them. We know that lots of people share our passion. We motivate people and transform individual intent into collective action. Working alongside landholders who want to plant trees, we turn the labour of tree planting into a purposeful, joyful and social event. Treefest!

We help farmers, community groups, schools, and individuals. By bringing tree planters and landholders together we create new native hedgerow and woodland. We plant seeds for trees of the future. Then we we celebrate our fabulous collective achievement with a party! We can fit our planting events to projects of any size. Our goal is to create conservation woodland, hedgerows, community orchards and food forests wherever there are committed landholders and a willing planting community. We make small scale grants where needed to help with the cost of trees and are saving up to buy a piece of land to plant an open access woodland that we can all enjoy.

Who we are

tree by tree was founded by Tino Rawnsley and Catherine Selby along with family and friends in 2017.