Get Involved

Come to Treefest

If getting your hands into the soil and planting trees is your thing then tree by tree is for you. We also love teaching beginners how to plant trees. Whatever your experience, let’s come together to create a woodland. Come to one of our events, plant trees, have a positive impact on the planet, meet other like-minded folk and enjoy a great party!

Host a tree planting event

If you have land, whatever size, that is crying out for trees, get in touch. We can help you realise your dream to plant trees.

Organisations, such as the Woodland Trust can advise on planting native woodland and provide high quality UK saplings for free or at discounted prices to a wide range of applicants. Grants may also be available through The Forestry Commission or The Tree Council. We may also be able to make a contribution of trees, please contact us for more information.

Volunteer at an event

There are opportunities to volunteer at our events. Please email with your enthusiasm and skill sets to find out more.

Spread the Word

by telling your friends with land about us, bringing as many people as you can to Treefest and sharing our events and pages on your social media. Let’s be like the woodland and create pathways of communication within which we can network and grow.


If you don’t have time or are unable to come in person, but feel that you would like to support use, then please donate . Your money and support can help us to organise more events and plant more trees!